Transform Yourself Into a Ladie’s Man

March 16, 2010

If you’re one of those dudes who has grown used to watching all his friends doing good with the ladies, while you only wish you could do the same…take heart! There’s hope for you my friend!

You too can transform yourself into a real ladies man. And its easier than you think! Start with these 7 easy steps:

1. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Stop trying to change who you are to impress the opposite sex. Just be you. (Hey, Nike could use that in their next billion dollar marketing campaign! Don’t worry Phil Knight; I’ll only charge you .01% of total market revenue.)

When you are comfortable being who you are, it makes those around you comfortable also. Just be yourself.

2. Try a style change.

While this may seem like a contradiction of the first point, its not. You want to be comfortable in your own skin; but try doing it in modern day apparel! I liked the 90’s just like the next person; but it’s way past time to lose the Cross Colors outfit with the Afrocentric leather medallions! Upgrade your wardrobe into something contemporary, yet something that still feels authentic to your own unique style and personality.

Lets not go to the other extreme either. If you’ve been a lifelong member of the chess club, don’t suddenly turn gangster on us! Keep it authentic, yet stylish for the times.

3. Tattoos are NOT for everyone!

So please stop with the tribal armbands tats, wrapped around an arm the size of a pretzel stick. Not only is it not sexy, its not even convincing. This goes for you too ladies! There’s nothing that says ‘I’m not sexy’ more than a pair of cherries tattooed on the Blob’s kid sister! You can go with the trends without being too trendy. Or else you’ll come across as outright corny. Lay off with the tats already.

Everything you see celebrities doing is not for you to do too. Lil’ Wayne’s tats help sell his brand and image to his customers. They’re putting money in his bank account. On you, they make you look like a wannabe gangster. Have your own sense of style and be your own man. Fellas, stop with the attention-whoring already!

4. Develop confidence.

Confidence is gained two ways: through knowledge and experience. If you don’t have enough experience with women to know what to do, get knowledge from those that do know. Reading all my blogs is a great start (shameless plug). But there’s tons of other materials out there also. Start scouring the net for websites dedicated to helping you increase your game. Here’s a few to get you started: Double your Dating; Mack Lessons radio, United Players of America…

But knowledge alone won’t get it. You need practical experience. This means getting out there and actually meeting women; exchanging numbers and emails with them, holding conversations with them. I know it can be scary; but the fear eases up the more comfortable you get doing it.

5. Develop a ‘Don’t Give a Fuck’ attitude.

Not in a slacker sense; more in a ‘this is who I am and if you don’t like it screw you’ kinda way. Most guys are way too concerned with what women think about them. They transform themselves into whatever they think will give them a better chance with the ladies. While its good to be somewhat like a chameleon, able to adapt to any situation, you never want to come off like a kiss-up. Women hate a kiss up. And I don’t blame them! A kiss up is deceptive. They pretend to be nice, but really have an ulterior motive. And women can smell this in a man a mile away.

Be who you are, and refuse to change that for anybody. Don’t approach women hoping they’ll like you. Instead, position yourself as the one whose favor she should be courting. She should be hoping that you like her. This takes a tremendous load off your shoulders from trying to be someone you are not. It frees you to just be yourself.

6. Lose the unquenchable thirst for sex

I know, I know… Most guys get hung up on this one. But its absolutely mandatory if you want to be the kind of guy women can’t get enough of. Women love a good challenge. They may say they want one thing; but all women want a man who can challenge them and make them pursue a little. When you show a woman that you won’t go ga-ga over her ta-ta’s, her system gets scrambled. Women are so programmed to think all men are sex starved salivating dogs, that when they finally meet a man who isn’t pressed about sleeping with them, they don’t know what to do. They have no defense or system override for such a thing. They get thrown completely for a loop.

So gents, learn how to discipline your libido. Take control of your sex drive, and refuse to be a slave to the vagina anymore. You be in control, and stop allowing women to control you through your desire for sex.

7. Stop believing everything women say.

Again: women will say they want one thing, but really want the total opposite. They say they want a nice, sweet sensitive man. And they do: as a gay male friend! But not as a lover. The same women will turn right around and give their pussy away to the guy who plays uninterested and hard to get. If you want to be a frustrated man, try living your life by what women say they want. But if you want to be a ladies man, disregard about 95% of what a woman says she wants.

Get out and find who the guys are in your circle of family and friends, who are good with the ladies. Seek advice from them; other men. Your mother may be the nicest lady on earth, but she’s usually the worst one to take advice from when it comes to women.

Again…read and inform yourself. Get knowledgeable about what women really want. And soon you’ll be the type of man that some women simply can’t resist.

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Happy Macking!